8 facts every bride should know before makeup

As we all know, weddings are very special events in every girl’s life. Girls always want to be princesses on their big day no matter what. Having said that, here we have 8 facts every bride should know before makeup to consider her special day, to know them all keep reading this article:

8 facts every bride should know before makeup

  • Looking for a princess
  • Planning your big day
  • Complete look trial
  • Don’t try anything new
  • Lens for the big day
  • Hydration for glowing skin
  • Nail color
  • Exfoliation must do

1.Looking for a princess

First and foremost every girl wants to be a princess on a special day sometimes dads would also love to see a princess there. Just booking a makeup artist doesn’t mean you will look like a princess. To make it a perfect look everything should be considered, every bride should know these ie. Costume, makeup, jewellery, style, etc.

2.Planning your big day

Planning will always save you from stress start planning before do some good homework on what type of look you want to achieve have reference pics and book a Bridal consultation with your stylist or with your makeup artist for the desired look give them all your ideas on how do you want yourself to look on the big day that would give them an idea to help you out.

3.Complete look trial

Go for a trial when I say trial, not just a makeup trial a complete trial with your complete outfit to show you how you will look on the big day that will make you more confident and if you want to do any changes you can do prior. every bride should know Especially on wedding blouses do have a trial 2 days before your big day to make some changes.

4.Don’t try anything new

Every bride should know what to try/what not to try, yes I mean don’t try anything new a week before your wedding. Prepare yourself by doing some facial, waxing hair spa, pedicure, some glow treatmentsbody polishingbody scrubbing, but note don’t try anything new a week before your wedding which may end up in a very messy way.

5.Lens for big day

Planning to wear a lens if you are going to wear a lens on your big day please do try before because having reddish Eyes on your special day is not advisable don’t try the cheap one on the market go look for yourself a brand which suits you and consider about your eyeballs size different lenses come in different sizes.

6.Hydration for glowing skin

He/She must be well hydrated on the day by drinking water and having 7 hours of good sleep which will prevent your makeup from turning into a cakey look and making you feel more fresh and confident on an entire day because rituals can take a long time to get completed so you need that good rest for you.

7.Nail color

Different occasions planning a different occasion on a single day will have a lot of stress so try to carry 2 to 3 shades of your nail polish on hand with the remover so that you can change it whenever you need it and don’t forget to you have a moisturizer to moist your hand and foot.

8.Exfoliation must do

Exfoliation is a very very good thing to do before your wedding, exfoliate entire body & face and don’t forget your lip, to have a supple and moist lip do not forget to exfoliate your lips so that you will not end up having a cracked lip on your big day.

And there’s plenty more every bride should know before makeup, to be a bride there is a lot of stress involved so looking good on your big day is a big challenge it will be always achievable if you pre-plan your big day as of now I have listed belief a few things you need to keep in mind keep following me for more updates.

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